Sustained Thread

Two of two pages in english. When i got the Domain some years ago, one people ask me to put more available some information in English. I do so.


Some Months ago, i found in a forum a thread about some weirdness in the Frank Díaz material. The material was in the Forum Called Sustained Reaction In EzBoards. Is a good material to read, because many things are evident, We suggest yourself read yourself, but publish here two pages, one is a extract and other the answers of a «interview». Very illustrative.

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What Diaz is practicing is called «the Big Lie». Don’t just like make up «an old Yaqui shaman» like Castaneda orginally did, make up a whole culture of surviving Toltecs


This volume is presented as a translation of the life and teachings of Quetzalcoatl. But Diaz (Quetzalcoatl’s Avatars), described by the publisher as «an anthropological investigator,» provides no introduction or other background information describing the organization of the work, his purpose in writing it, or his own research methods. The text is presented completely without context, and the bibliographic references are incomplete.


Some Funny references, because Diaz say himself he has studies in tongues-languages or as far you can all foreign tongues theme


Dream, I dont know what is the sumary.

Dog, Wolf,

“pay attention to me» directly into Spanish, it will not make sense to the Spanish speaking person.


Exactly, I dont und. This expresión

Caracoluz, you can read my in spanish, you know.

Scuse my ignorance.

Frank D.

Emilio, I do not read ingles well. If you want, we can continue this conversation in Spanish, Nahuatl or some other cultured language.


Question of this site publishers: Do u think a guy who cant read english, and cant translate pay attention to me, can have a Master in anything? Sure is not in nahuatl ( check in the thread the whole translate of a classic and well known extract )