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One of two pages in english. When i got the Domain some years ago, one people ask me to put more available some information in English. I do so.

Well, in other parts of this site, was shown the real lack of knowledge of Diaz in Prehispanic tongues. Later, in the same Thread of the Sustained Reaction forums, one person made to Diaz some questions, and he choose not answer all, is not strange the reason when you read the normal questions. Check Yourself but was really funny the depth of the answers.

Please remember, these questions was made for EXTERNAL persons, not for the publishers of this site. We have our OWN battery of questions. Maybe the battery be translated in short time.

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Some strange thing happen when the forum migrated from yuku to Tapatal, and some unansweredquestions not show anymore ( msg 120 of have the quuestions but the puns of that were moderated or not imported.  Marked as NOT ANSWERED QUESTIONS.

1 )   Are you a faculty member of Cuernavaca University or any accredited academic institution? If so, what institution, and what is your academic title?


2 ) Do you speak any dialects of the Mayan language?


3 ) What original Maya documents did you use in writing your book?

Which of all?

4) If you used indigenous informants in writing your book, what was their cultural mileius and in what village and region did they live? In what language did you converse with them? How did you determine that their information was authentic to the indigenous culture?

Too much long question

5 ) What makes you believe that the information your indigenous informants provided derives from the Toltecs of 800 or more years ago, and not from a much later period?

Long answer

6) Why did you not disclose your methodology and the editorial decisions you made in your book?

Are two different things, coses

7 ) Why did you (or your American publisher) accept and publish and endorsement from a person such as Marilyn Tunnishende? Why do no scholars or qualified experts on Mesoamerican anthropology or history endorse your book?

a) I dont know

b) what book?

8 ) What part, if any, of the works of Carlos Castneda do you believe is a factually accurate account of an indigenous New World tradition? Do you consider that tradition to be «Toltec»?

I considered that all the work of Castaneda is of the most genuine toltec tradition (the tradition of the spirit).

Thanks for its questions.



  1. Where did you get your doctorate degree?
  2. What was the title of your dissertation?
  3. Where did you do your post-doc research?
  4. What articles have you published in refereed journals?
  5. On the faculty of which university do you serve?